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Apothic White Wine Review

Apothic White Wine Review



apothic california white wine


Apothic California White Wine

Apothic’s 2015 California White wine is a refreshing white wine blend that seamlessly integrates the bubbly flavors of Chardonnay ahnd Riesling with rich overtones of Pinot Grigio that leaves your pallette with a refreshing mouthfeel and a pleasant lingering peachy apricot finish. For that ultimate light yet uniquely smooth wine sipping experience you just have to try it for yourself and be amazed. It is has the highest wine connoisseur satisfaction rating of (5 stars out of 5).


apothic white review


The Apothic California White goes particularly well with light meats, vegan dishes, cakes, desserts, white chocolates, pastries, as well as creamy light flavorful types of cheeses. Keep some on hand for that party, social gathering or even intimate romantic getaway. You will make a big splash and can show off your great taste too. For more information on where to get it delivered to your door, as a great gift or even get more information just click on the Apothic White bottle below.


apothic white 


To try the Apothic California White Wine for yourself Click Here.

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