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Apothic Red Review

Apothic Red Review


california crush


Apothic Red – California Crush Review

Apothic Red review for the 2015 California Crush.  Apothic’s California Crush is a flavorful red wine blend that masterfully combines soft red fruit flavors with overtones of  rich caramel for a velvety smooth wine sipping experience. It is also a Bestseller! Crafted with Petite Sirah and Pinot Noir this particular blend highlights the sweetness of ripe berries complemented by deeper cherry notes, leaving you with a velvety smooth experience.


apothic california crush red wine

Apothic California Crush

The California Crush Red Wine goes particularly well with chocolates, particularly dark chocolates, as well as flavorful types of cheeses. It also is a perfect complement to dark meats, jerkeys, and is perfect for camping trips. To try the California Crush for yourself and a good sample of additional Apothic Red Wine selections Click Here.

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