Apothic Red Wine Review

Apothic Red Wine Review


apothic red review


Apothic Red Review

Apothic Red Wine is a variety of robust red wines that range anywhere from light to dark.  This Apothic Red Review is primarily about this variety of all types of red wine, but since Apothic even makes white wines, some of those will also be reviewed here. I am an avid red wine drinker, and not only for taste but for the extreme heart protective benefits of drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine a day. I’ve been drinking red wine for over 10 years now and I love the Apothic Red blends quite a bit.



They are inexpensive red wine blends that can be easily enjoyed every day, and yet are great for that special dinner or occasion when you want to impress your friends, family and guests. You are actually improving their health by serving them heart healthy red wine. And they will love the velvety smooth taste of the Apothic Wines as well. I’ll be introducing a few of the most popular Apothic Red Wine blends below, as well a individually.


apothic red review


Apothic Red Origins

Debbie Juergenson, who is Apothic’s wine engineer, handcrafts captivating and bold varieties of Apothic Wines by first selecting only the most wine worthy California grapes. She has developed a keen awareness of what that “magic formula” will make the perfect wine blend. The individual Apothic blends are a perfectly balanced blend of wine grapes transformed into a velvety smooth and aromatic wine tasting experience.


The name  “Apotheca,” refers to a mysterious place in medieval times, where fine wine was blended to perfection and stored in thirteenth century Europe to be enjoyed by the select few, usually royalty or warriors of the day. It brings out a sense of intrigue, adventure, and even romance by it’s delectable fragrance and subtle flavors.


Each Apothic wine vintage is highly crafted from vine to cellar, creating a masterpiece collection of unforgettable wines. These include the bestselling Apothic Red, as well as White, Dark, Crush and a limited releases of seasonal selections.




Apothic Wine Tasting

Treat yourself and enjoy these great wines; they are excellent companions with any food, party or occasion where exceptional taste is welcomed. Be the most interesting person in the room! Not sure which Apothic Red wine to try first? Apothic has you covered.


They have a variety of sampler packs available so you choose which individual wine will be your new favorite. You can find Apothic Red wines at your local supermarket, wine shop or, if you’re out for the best deals, online. To see a good sample Apothic Red Wine selection Click Here.